Specialize in producing Kitchenware

Smarter manufacturing process gain you sharp edge to cut through the market

How we works to order

1. List all request from client

A list of basic requirement from client is recorded and list in a document

2. Think out of the box

Other then the required features, our sample development team will suggest some out of the box idea for better product..

3. Realize the concept to product

As our team combined clients’ idea and our down innovative concept, the team will develop to workout the concept to the actual product.

Creed of LIPO R&D Team

We Walk Our Talk

Documented Production Process

We treat every order seriously and all manufacturing process are well documented. It is to ensure your products are produced under strict quality assurance program.

Got quality problem from other manufacturer?

Raw Material 100% Safety Ensured

As only genuine raw material is accepted in LIPO, all our product are 100% safe and must be able to pass any standard set from countries in the world 

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Happy Customers

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